Vlast for Rights Holders & Property.

Teams, Leagues, Associations and Governing Bodies can save countless hours of administration and automate the end to end processes around deploying talent.

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We help clubs, leagues, associations and major sporting events.

Increase Productivity.

Facilitating athlete appearances and activations is typically a chaotic and manual process within sporting clubs, leagues, associations, and major events.

  • All-in-one platform

    VLAST streamlines the end-to-end process for internal & external stakeholders to collaborate and deliver on athlete activations.

  • A streamlined process for a successful activation delivery

    Manage requests from multiple departments and stakeholders in a secure central platform and organise your athletes with ease.

  • Increase transparency and streamline communication

    Eliminate miscommunication and ensure that every activation is managed with transparency and efficiency.

  • Save time

    Save 80% of the time associated with appearances to allow more time to focus on other tasks.

Increase Revenue.

VLAST can help you build richer, authentic and valuable activations whilst delivering an unrivalled talent experience for partners.

  • Talent matching with machine learning

    Vlast athlete profiling to ensures the right talent is chosen for the activation based on their interests, social audience and more.

  • Retain partnership deals

    Retain deals and build more valuable partnerships by increasing talent appearance opportunities with the ability to centrally collaborate.

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Empower Your Athletes.

Built by athletes for athletes. VLAST was built to ensure ease of use for athletes so they have access to all obligations, reminders and communications at the tip of their fingers.

  • Improve talent engagement

    Athletes can keep their profiles up to date with interests, preferred activation type, aligned charities, partnerships, protected categories, and more to create more authentic activations.

  • Centralised communication

    Through the secure VLAST chat function, athletes and stakeholders are able to ensure that the athlete is prepared to deliver a successful activation.

Data, Insights and Integrations.

Real-time data and pivotal metrics to better inform key decision-makers, partners and administrators.

  • Centralise the data of your athletes

    Stakeholders have access to athletes profiling, contractual deliverables and availability in a central place.

  • Generate reports

    Minimise the time spent on tracking and reporting on athlete activations and partnership deliverables. Easily generate and download reports on key metrics anytime.

  • An integrated solution across your current tech stack

    VLAST has the ability to integrate with other platforms, for example CRM’s, invoicing software and other athlete management solutions.

Leveraging VLAST enabled us to effectively and efficiently facilitate our past player program which is designed to support our members in their post-cricket lives both. Past player engagement is critical to deliver game development appearances that focus on participation, pathway coaching, and coach development. Underpinned by VLAST, we remain focused on growing the game by drawing on the vast knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of those who've reached the elite level.
Kelly Applebee, General Manager - Member Programs and Relations, Australian Cricketers Association
VLAST has given me my time back so that I can put effort into other high-value projects. Previously the end-to-end process of coordinating, booking, and completing a player appearance would take up to 2.5 hours but VLAST has now reduced this to under an hour.
Caitlin Brady - Football Administrative Executive, Adelaide Crows
Giving visibility of player appearance requests and bookings across the high-performance unit and all other departments is a game-changer for our team at the Brumbies. VLAST’s ability to provide visibility of compliance reporting, track key metrics including number of completed appearances, total time, and the types of activations is paramount for club executives and rights holders respectively.
Elizabeth Griffiths, Head of Commercial, ACT Brumbies
VLAST has created many efficiencies across Cricket Australia and has helped considerably in streamlining the coordination of talent activations and appearances internally and also with external associations. The real-time reporting and visibility of player activity ensure we have valuable insights throughout the year, whilst the end-of-year reconciliation is a vastly improved process. We have really enjoyed using VLAST and look forward to continuing to evolve the way we use it in the coming years to create even greater efficiencies and insights.
Jodie Baldwin, Senior Player Partnership Lead, Cricket Australia
VLAST enables us to have more efficient and user-friendly processes to manage our player appearances and commercial activities which there is a huge demand for. VLAST enables us to simplify the administration and tracking of this so we can focus on winning the game of rugby and developing our players.
Billy Millard, Director of Rugby Performance, Harlequins FC
VLAST has revolutionised the way we manage our Game Development Program & delivered beyond our expectations facilitating in putting over $1m back into grassroots cricket. It's intuitive, easy to navigate and centralised. Our processes are now extremely efficient, capturing greater data & focused on proactive conversations with stakeholders from time saved. The team at VLAST are simply outstanding and sensational operators.
Kelly Applebee, General Manager – Member Programs and Relations, Australian Cricketers Association
VLAST offers really strong benefits for Fremantle and enhanced benefits for the players in terms of the streamlining and efficiency of the player appearance booking process, and from an administration perspective where it has streamlined the communication to one centralised spot.
Jana Gernhoefer - Partnerships Account Manager, Fremantle
VLAST had provided a much improved, streamlined process for staff and players to use especially around managing our complex scheduling reducing human error and miscommunication. It’s easy to use and makes it much simpler for us to check on calendars, make bookings and track what is happening which each activity and appearance. Our players can even manage their own calendars within VLAST. Overall, it’s definitely much more efficient than how we had previously operated, especially with inter-departmental communication.
Ryan Hoffman, Football Operations Manager, Melbourne Storm
VLAST allows us to utilise comprehensive analytics dashboards, helping us to also better measure talent activation impact and at the same time, greatly reduces the amount of resource we need to provide to our activations through a streamlined and intelligent platform that integrates fully with our pre-existing internal systems.
Matthew Ash, Community Projects and Partnerships Lead, GCT

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