Vlast for Professional Services.

Manage all of your stakeholder engagements in one place with all communications running seamlessly through a single platform.

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We help operations services, executives and government.

Increase Productivity.

The platform assists with the high amount of requests for Executives time, with a purpose built approach to ensure operational efficiencies are gained while compliance data is captured.

  • All-in-one platform

    VLAST streamlines the end-to-end process for all internal & external stakeholders.

  • A streamlined process for a successful activation delivery

    Manage requests from multiple stakeholders in a secure central platform and organise all Executives’ appearances.

  • Increase transparency and streamline communication

    Eliminate miscommunication and ensure that every activation is managed with transparency and efficiency.

  • Save time

    The administration team will save 80% of the time associated which allows more time to focus on other tasks.

Data, Insights and Integrations.

Real-time data and pivotal metrics to better inform key decision-makers.

  • Generate reports

    Minimise the time spent on tracking and reporting on talent activations and partnership deliverables. Easily generate and download reports on key metrics important for your business.

  • An integrated solution across your current tech stack

    VLAST easily integrates to other platforms to ensure that CRM and other software to work simultaneously with VLAST via API.

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Our team of experts are here to help you get the most of your talent management platform.

VLAST provides us with rich talent insights, and allows us to talk directly and securely with our players before and during their off-the-field appearances and commercial obligations, and creates activations which are aligned closely to those individual players. It's a win-win for all involved.
Carlton FC
Vlast allows us to utilize comprehensive analytics dashboards, helping us to also better measure talent activation impact and at the same time, greatly reduces the amount of resource we need to provide to our activations through a streamlined and intelligent platform that integrates fully with our pre-existing internal systems.
Gold Coast Titans

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