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  • We offer a web-based application for your administrators to have full access to all information and other stakeholders to create requests. The mobile application is primarily used for the talent to have access to all bookings and communication.

  • Yes, the VLAST platform (web-based and mobile application) can be completely skinned to have the look and feel of your company brand.

  • VLAST is a SaaS product priced annually based on the scope of requirement and number of activations/appearances within the organisation.

  • You will have a dedicated success team who will take the lead and ensure that the onboarding process, set up and training is as easy and streamlined as possible for your internal staff. Onboarding process can take between 6-9 weeks for the complete Vlast scope, build, integration, and onboarding of staff & talent to take place. However, this can be fast tracked.

  • Internal stakeholders (allocated admins) will have access to see the whole system. We are able to give other departments and external stakeholders (sponsors/partners) access where they only have permission to enter in a request and save the request as pending, waiting for an admin or superuser to approve and publish.

  • Permission hierarchy and user set up is all determined during the scope/integration phase of onboarding with the customer success team.

  • Our brief forms have all the relevant fields in place to capture as much information needed for a successful appearance/activation. For enterprise clients, we are able to match the requirements and booking workflow.

  • VLAST dashboards are fully customisable and can show any metrics important to the business. Administrators are able to generate and download reports for certain time frames which can help save time.

  • Yes, VLAST has the ability to integrate with third party systems via an open API. VLAST also has the ability to sync to any digital calendar.

  • Once a booking is confirmed and the date/time of the engagement is set it will trigger a number of automated reminders being sent out to talent. These are normally set 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, and either 48-24hrs out with the talent needing to confirm they're still available (press confirmation button) for the last reminder. During the onboarding process, the Customer Success team will be able to determine the reminders and the copy to suit your talent.

  • We take the security and privacy of your organisation’s privacy very seriously and we have all the necessary policies, and technical and non-technical processes in place to ensure privacy & security is maintained at the highest level at all times.

  • Our clients have their own dedicated customer success team who are able to attend to any questions you may have and assist during the on-boarding process. We also have a 24/7 help desk with support FAQ’s and videos covering all topics.

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