Fremantle cut admin time on 1,000 appearances.

AFL club Fremantle have successfully integrated VLAST to help save significant admin time on player activations.

Fremantle Dockers
Perth, Australia
Active Talent

Key Results

  • Resources.

    VLAST helps save 2.5 hours on each talent activation. With more than 1,000 activations and appearances each year, Fremantle is saving a huge amount of admin time each year.

  • Reporting.

    With talent appearances previously being split across multiple spreadsheets, accurate reporting was difficult. With VLAST, reporting is automated and simple.

  • Clarity.

    VLAST's simple user interface gives talent the exact information they need, when they need it, making it easier to ensure players are on time and prepared for activations.

The Fremantle Dockers are a Perth-based Australian Rules football club who compete in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Why did they choose VLAST?

The Fremantle Dockers chose to partner with VLAST in order to cut down on valuable admin time, avoiding the tedious manual processes involved in managing player appearances at the elite level. On average, VLAST is able to reduce 80% of the time and costs associated with managing talent activations, saving 2.5 hours per activation.

VLAST’s ability to guide players through the activation process and keep them up to date with appearances was a major motivating factor for Fremantle, as there are over 18,000 mandated appearances required every year by contract for both AFL and AFLW players.

The VLAST app also allows any user, be it club partner or admin, to build out an appearance brief and add the players they’d like to attend. It also provides the ability to see the quantity and type of appearances players have previously completed, helping them decide on the right player for any appearance. This capability makes VLAST particularly practical and timesaving, both invaluable assets for Fremantle to expedite their talent activation requirements.

What has VLAST done for them?

VLAST has enabled the Fremantle Dockers to streamline the talent activation process for both players and club staff, with the detailed admin, communications and logistical background work that VLAST provides freeing up club staff to focus on other tasks and players to focus on training.

VLAST is really going to allow us to have all the player appearances documented, enable us to not have to go back through a raft of information, where we previously cycled through spreadsheets, now it’s all automated in a really easy to use and functional reporting system.
Casey York - Head of Legal & Risk at Fremantle Football Club.

This includes the time consuming intricacies involved in the management and storage of compliance data such as working with children screenings and vaccination certificates, neatly syncing up players personal and professional information in the one place.

The clarity of this information through VLAST’s user friendly reporting interface has allowed Fremantle players to be better prepared for their mandatory appearances, and has ensured club partners get the most out of players.

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