How VLAST’s reporting processes keep everyone on board.

The modern media ecosystem is rich and diverse.

It offers countless outlets for messaging and storytelling, with content that can be specialised, personalised and contextualised for the purpose required.

Those possibilities can multiply for brands through partnerships in sport and entertainment. Sports teams and organisations are more aware than ever of the value of the assets and people at their disposal.

Commercial directors on both sides of a deal design sponsorship agreements that maximise that potential, with talent often brought to the forefront.

Popular, dynamic athletes can bring campaigns to life, highlighting different dimensions to their own personalities while connecting authentically to fans.

When they work, collaborations like this have powerful results. But they cannot have the right impact without proper execution - and cannot show it without proper reporting.

From commitment to reality
As soon as a commercial agreement is signed, it brings multiple stakeholders and actors into play - whether or not they were at the negotiating table.

And all of those people need to be pulling in the same direction as soon as a partnership becomes reality. That, of course, is where things can get difficult.

Logistical complexities can threaten the personal appearances promised to brand partners. There might be insufficient time allowed for travel or recovery after competition. Results on the field can mean appointments are rescheduled. Talent can be overextended or even double-booked.

Partners can work together to resolve these issues on a case-by-case basis but too much practical strain on a relationship can winnow away goodwill. That not only makes partners less likely to renew, it also gives teams less scope to demonstrate value to new prospects.

Reporting progress
The VLAST platform has been developed as a comprehensive solution for talent management and talent-based partnerships.

It offers oversight of multiple campaigns for more effective delivery, while centralised reporting helps all parties see when targets are being hit.

Cricket Australia - with its busy, complicated calendar - has been using VLAST for over two years and so far completed over 1,150 player appearances.

“VLAST has created many efficiencies across the business and has helped considerably in streamlining the coordination of talent activations and appearances across various departments of Cricket Australia and the State and Territory Associations,” says Jodie Baldwin, Cricket Australia’s senior player partnership lead.

“The real-time reporting and visibility of player activity ensures we have valuable insights throughout the year, whilst the end of year reconciliation is a vastly improved process.”

Those better processes lead to greater satisfaction and mutual trust - which keeps partners together. That brings the promise of even better results.

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