How VLAST keeps talent in the right place at the right time.

Talent is always in high demand.

Those who reach the top of their sport have seen off the very best at every level. From then on, they are the ones being competed for, as leading teams gather whatever resources they can to pursue the game-changers.

That is only the start. Brands want to harness elite athletes’ charisma and popular appeal. Administrators want their stories to be the ones that reach new fans and the next generation.

All these appearances - in person and in traditional or digital media - soon add up. And while the clubs that employ players have plenty of incentive of their own to capitalise on their commercial potential, it is not long before these activities become a distraction.

That is a real headache for the managers and staff who have to keep track of player whereabouts and keep teams moving in the same direction.

Clarity for management

Without proper oversight and prioritisation, those requests can quickly become jumbled. Different departments within a club are drawn into conflict, partners are frustrated, and the athletes themselves risk overload and a loss of focus.

This is where the VLAST platform can make a valuable difference. By centralising communications, it keeps all parties up to date with incoming requests - so that everyone is aware of what is possible and what needs to be fulfilled.

VLAST’s agile data capabilities also help managers understand which players are busiest and anticipate bottlenecks ahead.

VLAST and focused performance

Since April, VLAST has been working with Harlequins, champions of Premiership Rugby in 2021.

In a testing environment for players and teams alike, the London-based club must maximise the commercial opportunities

For Billy Millard, Harlequins’ director of rugby performance, VLAST’s tools allow for “more efficient and user-friendly processes to manage our player appearances and commercial activities”.

“There is huge demand to interact with our players across our supporter base, for internal marketing activities, charity appearances and commercial activities to name just a few,” he explains.

“VLAST enables us to simplify the administration and tracking of this so we can focus on winning the game of rugby and developing our players.”

Those benefits are being delivered not just at the Twickenham Stoop, but at more and more organisations across sport and entertainment.

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