Connecting people and avoiding pain points: the Vlast difference.

Sports and entertainment are all about the potential of new combinations.

The connections people make in these industries have a powerful multiplying effect. Teams grow into more than the sum of their parts, achieving things they never thought possible. Creative talents spark off one another to thrill their audiences and find unexpected ones.

Unsurprisingly, leaders in other businesses have long been inspired to pursue their own collaborations through endorsements and corporate appearances. For the stars involved, capitalising on their profile and reputation can generate different experiences and become a source of long-term security. For the teams and organisations they represent, those activities can deliver a widespread positive impact that translates into long-term growth.

Winning time for talent
Another thing about people businesses, though, is that managing people is complicated. There are points of friction and areas where resources are stretched thin. Staple tasks eat into the time of smaller teams and problems arise when individuals are needed in two places at once.

VLAST by Pickstar is a bespoke, end-to-end tech solution that helps manage talent and its time. It centralises data and communications about every campaign so that every stakeholder is aware of what sponsors and clients expect and who is available at any moment.

Not only does that reduce the strain on people - from player logistics managers to commercial directors, marketing departments and C-suite leadership - it also maximises the effectiveness of partnerships, delivering as much value as possible.

Delivering results
Teams across Australia, the UK and the US have already reaped the benefits of the VLAST solution, which has managed thousands upon thousands of in-person and digital appearances to date.

“Our athletes and talent are actively engaged in a wide range of activities within our community,” explains David de Freitas, director of talent strategy and sports partnerships for MLSE - owner of Toronto’s Maple Leafs, Raptors, Argonauts and Toronto FC. “Our objective in working with VLAST is to match our players’ efforts from an administrative position to fully capture the impact they make.”

That upside reaches the bottom line. VLAST’s work with the Australian Cricketers’ Association - between administrative time saved and new opportunities unlocked - has allowed for AUS$550,000 to be put back into the game.

Success comes from giving talent the right platform. With VLAST, we aim to make that easier than ever before.

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